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Through education, we communicate, we look for solutions, we learn, you learn.

We design meaningful projects created by and for the LGBTQIA+ community from the west side of the country. We look where we know it hurts, and we bring solutions. We work with stakeholders from the public, private and civil ecisystems.

We do not believe in education as a one-way process, but in education as a community process, where everyone has something to say, where everyone teaches others or learns from others.


[from information to allyship]

Through this project, we aim to come closer to allies, families of the LGBTQIA+ community, public institutions and schools by creating friendly guides and workshops.

[(de)tour into our histories]

The community is demanding to know its own history, to understand how it got here, and to comprehend the traumas carried from generation to generation. That’s why we have created an online guided tour that speaks about the places in Timișoara where the community has struggled to exist.


[safe spaces]

Through this project, we bring closer non-LGBTQIA+ organizations to learn together how to create safe spaces for everyone – whether for team members or beneficiaries.

[campus pride]

It is a project that aims to create a welcoming and safe space and a climate of acceptance for LGBTQIA+ students in Romania.

[organising for change]

The project is a renewed commitment to the fight against HIV / AIDS through advocacy, mobilization and community training, support for the treatment and well-being of MSM people, trans people, sex workers, and HIV-positive individuals.

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