[safe spaces]

Safe spaces aims to contribute to the growth public spaces safety and inclusion  for LGBTQIA+ young people, so as the events and other projects (no matter the domain: academia, arts, cultural, education, sports) can be held free of discrimination and bullying.

This project responds to the needs of encouragement LGBTQIA+ young people feel when it comes to participating in the events dedicated to them, but also to the needs of having discussions about the LGBTQIA+ community in Romania, which has been, historically speaking, a restrictive country when it comes to the visibility of minorities of vulnerable youth groups.

[what we've done]

Through Safe Spaces we’ve brought together NGOs who are non LGBTQIA+ so as to learn together how to create these safe spaces for everyone – for their members and for the public they are addressing. We’ve worked with NGO’s run by students formed of future psychologists, doctors, lawyers, we asked the community what a safe spaces means and we’ve written guides about that. We still teach and we still learn about safe spaces. 

[what does a safe space mean?]

The word “safe” defines a feeling of peace and trust through which someone feels outside of any danger. Safety is a basic concept which we all are entitled to feel on a daily basis, no matter the time or place.

However, for many of us, safety doesn’t come as easy as it should be. Whether we feel in danger because of our social status, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, it is our duty to create safe spaces for everyone.

A safe space is a place in which every person feels safe and doesn’t hide their true self. These spaces can take any shapes and can be wherever; from someone’s school, to their workplace, their family, even in a restaurant, a club, a café, a cultural center or an art house – online or offline.

[how do we build a safe space?]

Be an ally! The most important thing that you can do as an ally is to listen to LGBTQIA+ voices and to make sure that they can express themselves in safety.

Take action! Take action when you see discriminatory behaviors. Many people are vulnerable in these moments, and your actions can contribute a lot to creating a safe space. 

Join our events! Come and take part in LGBTQIA+ events and show, by this, that you and your organisation are allies. 

Create and implement anti-discriminatory rules! Your colleagues and those who will join you along the way will know that they are in a safe space and this will contribute to the general well-being of the place.

Teach your colleagues as well! Sometimes we can be in situations in which our own members are the abusers. It is our duty to hold them accountable for their attitudes, explaining to them at the same time why this cannot be happening in this environment. Each and every discussion that has the means to promote inclusivity in your organization is one step forward into creating a safe space there.

[safe spaces guide]

We have created a guide (RO) that can be used by any events organizer or owner of a public or private place. You’ll find a series of ideas and advices and how to make your spaces a more inclusive one for the members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

[research-(un)safe spaces]

All summer long, we have collected data about what an (un)safe spaces means for the LGBTQIA+ community.
Here you can find the complete research report. 
In the first graphic, you can see how safe LGBTQIA+ people feel in certain socio-cultural spaces, and in the second graphic, in the public services area. You can also see the difference in perception towards cishet individuals.

The project was run and implemented by Identity.Education in partnership with ASPST, Liga AC and SSMT – SCORA department and was granted with 44.000 euros though the Active Citizens Fund Romania program, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway by the SEE 2014-2021 grants. What this website contains doesn’t necessarily mirror the official position of the SEE and Norway Grants 2014-2021; for further information, go to www.eegrants.org. Information about Active Citizens Fund Romania are available on www.activecitizensfund.ro.

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