[pride tm 2021]

Between 6th and 14th of August, with a program which spoke about the LGBTQIA+ community through art, culture and community events, Pride TM 2021 took place!

[August 6 – Coming out of lockdown party]

A party with Eugen Radescu as a DJ has no need for any further introduction. Happening for the first time in Timisoara.

[August 7 – 14  – expo In 20 Years]

In 2021, on the 21st of Junie, we celebrated 20 years since the 200 article was repealed. With this in mind, we came together with an exposition which took us through many years. We’ve watched, we’ve listened and we came across stories which were told by the community.

[August 8 – queerobics & more].              

On the 8th of August we created a safe space in which we played different sports games and did aerobics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

[August 9 – 14 – expo WE’RE HERE]. 

“We’re here” has its roots in the historical riots for equality and rights, but also in the visibility of the LGBTQI+ community; we’re here, we’re queer. The theme refers to the fact that we exists and we cannot be ignored. We’re human just like all the others are, we’re professionals, we have our own personalities.

[August 10 – storytelling, Q.Talks]

We talked about coming out, about our identities, about what it means to make this step, especially for different generations from the queer community. We wore our hearts on our sleeves by showing vulnerability, courage and authentic stories.

[August 11  – Queer City Tour].           

We discovered Timisoara through different eyes – a tour of the queer spaces here in Timisoara in a larger context of the history and social life of this city. A tour which responds to the need of discovering the local community of a city whose queer archive does not exist.

[August 12 – Expo.Movie.SafeSpace].       

Expo.Movie.SafeSpace was an event about the importance of a safe space, seen through different perspectives.

[August 13 – Câmp de maci]                       

The film presents a day in Cristi’s life, a young gendarme from Bucharest. During Hadi’s short visit to Cristi’s place, the man with whom the gendarme has a relationship with, Cristi and his colleagues are called to intervene in a cinematograph, where some protestants are sabotaging a screening of a LGBTQIA+ movie. R. Eugen Jebeleanu

[August 14  – Pride in the Park].                                                                     

For us, community gatherings after more than a year marked by unsafety, mean a place in which we can reconnect with our own identity. We organized an event called Pride in the Park in which we spent time together, in nature, and with music surrounding us.


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