the first Pride TM

[pride tm 2019 & 2020]

2019 will forever remain an important year in the history of the LGBTQI+ community in Timisoara.

We organised the first PRIDE events between the 3rd and 7th of June.

The first edition of Pride TM wasn’t unchallenging. We we’re exposed to online bullying by some right wing conservatives and local religious groups. The Baptist church community sent a press release in which they’ve exposed their disagreement towards LGBTQIA+ events in Timisoara and towards the partners and hosts we’ve had in that week. At each event we organized, there were small groups of priests and a sign of protest. On one of the windows from a gallery in which we had an exposition called “Personal perspectives”, we had found a drawing, overnight, of a cross. This was another sign of them protesting. As a sign of this bigotry, one of our local artists transformed the cross into a rainbow.

Pride TM 2020: 2020 was probably one of the most challenging years most of us had lately. Winter Pride was a virtual hug for our community, shaped as a marathon of events.

[fluid perspectives]

Young artists from the community and allies from the local artistic community exposed their work in an expo called “Fluid Perspectives”. We had different representations of how the LGBTQIA+ community looks like or should look like.

[legal perspectives]

Together with Asociatia Accept and Asociatia MozaiQ we talked about the lack of rights the LGBTQIA+ community is facing. We discussed civil partnership and the challenges the transgender community are facing, legally and medically.

[hecate launch]

We launched, in Timisoara, the publishing house Hecate. Hecate aims to be a place for small communities, for those who want to discover and be discovered through literature.

[at the institute of change]

At the Institute of Change is a bio info show which has research, documentation and achieving personal stories from the local reality – drawn more from the transgender community in Romania – at its core. By Paula Dunker. 

[personal perspectives]

In partnership with Decât o Revistă and Asociatia Accept, we organized an event under the theme of “Storytelling as a tool of change”. We’ve spoken about the importance of storytelling and how it can help us understand ourselves better, no matter the community we’re coming from.

[songs & ballads from gay herstory]

Performed by the duo #FLUID, their colorful show showed us what fluidity and non-binarity means.

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