we want legal recognition for queer families

[pride tm 2023]

Between June 24th and July 1st, 2023, we organized a program as a journey through all dimensions of queer identity, translated into events with and for the entire community.

At the Pride TM march, we were over 1200 participants!

[sports day/games night

We met at Roses Park at the tennis and sand volleyball courts, ready for slackline, badminton, and ping pong, and then we stayed late to play board games.

[a guided queer tour]

The community is demanding to know its own history, to understand how it got here, and to grasp the generational traumas it carries on its shoulders. That’s why, together with Alexandra, we walked through Timișoara and discussed the places where the community has fought hard to exist.

[a song of queer joys and sorrows]

Zarug told us cabaret-style stories, accompanied by the poetic piano of Francis Mozes, in an intimate setting, with twinkling lights hanging from the trees, as the evening descended, with a glass of champagne in hand.

[dirty disco]


[resilience during pride]

We met alongside Diana Statenco, a therapist trained in solution-focused therapy, to discuss together how to take care of ourselves during Pride.

[pride in the park]           

We reclaimed Queen Maria Park and now enjoy hours spent together in nature with music.

[movie night]       

We watched a series of queer short films. The films had one thing in common that was so obvious yet often trivialized: love is a fundamental, inalienable right.

[Closing Party & Queer Canvas and a Brush of Pride]                       

Art is not a passive tool to merely look at; it is a means of interaction, of dialogue. That’s why we thought to blend the Pride’s final ecstasy into a closing party where the artists’ illustrations danced with us.

[tabachera cu scorpion]      

The exhibition starts from the novel “Scorpion” (Der Skorpion), published during the interwar period by the Romanian-German writer Anna Elisabet Weirauch (1887-1970).

Through “Tabachera cu scorpion – a visual journey into a queer novel,” we envision a journey through the ideas of the novel, in which the author proposes a subjective exploration formulated through the surrealist method of objective chance in a “lesbian” universe.

[Pride TM 2023 march]                       

We asked for and continue to demand legal recognition of queer families after the second edition of the march in Timișoara.

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