Short movies night

In time, the representation of the LGBTQI+ community in film has also influenced the society’s perception of the community. There were not a lot of movies talking about homosexuality, there were barely some scenes suggesting something like that. For a long time this concept was censored or considered taboo, but slowly the representation of the LGBTQI+ community in films started to come to light. With all of this said, we still cannot talk about a very large number of queer characters on the big screens, but we are on the right path.

This is why we met with over 20 members of the community at AMBASADA on the 29th of October, to watch short movies that portray queer characters and stories. This event, open to both the community and allies, brought to us a selection of short queer movies. We saw a variety of movies, showing us people of different ages, with different feelings and various backgrounds. We saw the diversity in the LGBTQI+ community too, the experiences they went through. This way, the people got a chance to understand the community from more than one point of view.

The movies that were shown were:
We Love Moses (Dionne Edwards, 16’, 2016)
I Am A Woman (Kai Fiáin & Azara Meghie, 4’, 2016)
Crush (Rosie Westhoff, 8’, 2016)
Strings (Richard Turley, 13’, 2014)
Take Your Partners (Siri Rødnes, 14’, 2015)
Balcony (Toby Fell-Holden, 17’, 2015)
Jamie (Chirstopher Manning, 9’, 2016)
Where We Are Now (Lucie Rachel, 9’, 2016)
Chance (Jake Graf, 17’, 2015)

This event has been made possibly with the support of the British Council in collaboration with BFI Flare, who provided the movies. BFI Flare is one of the oldest and leading LGBTQI+ Film Festivals in London (founded in 1957).

We closed the night with a dancescreen movie offered by the Irish Embassy in Bucharest in collaboration with the Irish Film Institute, Arts Council and Culture Ireland. The short movie “I’m Roger Casement” (Dearbhla Walsh, 12', 2017, choreography Fearghus Ó Conchúir) is a stunning visual experience inspired by the life of queer republican Roger Casement. The short film portrays through dance the queer heritage of the Irish revolution.