Rooftop Party

What are summer evenings for if not to organize cool events in interesting places with cool people? We organised the first official party by Identity.Education, also to celebrate our 1 year anniversary since our coming out to the community.
The location was carefully selected. We wanted to have a safe environment but not an enclosed one, a place where everyone can feel the last days of summer, where they can have fun, dance and enjoy a lovely view. The decision was final after we saw Zaza, we organised a rooftop party.
Over 60 people attended the party and we danced with great music (the theme was pop divas) and interesting drinks until early morning. We were happy that so many people showed up (and it was just the beginning) and that everyone danced together and bonded.

„It was my all time favourite!” (RD)

„L-I-T! For me, it was all about gin tasting, good selection of music (I just loved the DJ’s music affinity and style), spending super quality time with my dear friends, D and A, while dancing and laughing.
Probably one of the most vivid and cool parties I’ve attended in Timișoara!” (RS)