Lately we have all faced different changes, but one thing is clear, most of us have spent a lot of time inside the house. Whether we work from home or we try to stay inside as long as possible, we have all felt this. With this in mind, Identity.Education also thought about it and we organized a training session or as we like to say, a Queerobics session.

On the 20th December, we met online and together with our trainer Antonia Maliţa we took part in a Tabata type training (20 seconds of workout with 10 seconds of break), and for an hour we put all our muscles in motion. All we needed was a chair and a bottle of water (or 1-5kg dumbbells depending on each person's abilities) and a loooot of energy. Antonia showed us different types of exercises, both easier ones and more difficult ones for the more experienced of us. One thing was clear, even the easier versions of exercise made us sweat it all out and some people felt talked about this even in the following days.

The people were very excited about this event, and in the future we hope to have more of these.

"It was incredible. Antonia is an extraordinary trainer and I want to say that a muscle soreness has never felt better. "