Queer Icons Party

We decided to face winter head on and why not do this with a party? On the 6th of December 2019 we organised a party in a famous and beloved club in the city: D’arc. The feedback after the party was delightful, and people said they felt safe and enjoyed their time at the party, some wished it would have lasted for at least a couple more hours. Over 70 people attended the party and danced on the music of DJ Larisa Todoş.

We are happy to create together with the hosts of our parties a safe place where people from the community can feel free to be themselves.

„I had a good time! The atmosphere was relaxing and friendly, the drinks were really good even for people who do not drink alcohol, like myself.” (AP)

„Queer Icons Party was really great! I liked the atmosphere and the music, I look forward to another one like this!” (MC)

„I had a good time at the party, I appreciated the location and the openness of people and I appreciated the fact that you could invite your friends who are community friendly.” (CI)

„Queer icons was the first party, after many „experiments”, where we felt like we can be ourselves. The atmosphere was very cool, good music and great people! We hope that there will be more events like this one in the future!” (SK)