Q.Talks Love

Party? Meeting? Storytelling? ART! LOVE! The day of January 18th filled the hearts of the audience gathered at AMBASADA. During this event, more than a hundred people were hypnotized by Răzvan Mazilu and his show: “If Music Be the Blood of Love”. This is a dance performance, a unique show talking about a party where few friends meet again. They dance to tell a story, they talk about friendship and love. The music is provided by Armies, while the visuals are brought to us by flo’. The show is realized by Răzvan Mazilu, assisted by Lavinia Urcan. Performers: Răzvan Mazilu, Lavinia Urcan (Unfold Motion), Oana Vidoni (German Theatre Timişoara, Unfold Motion), Olga Diana Török (German Theatre Timişoara), Sebastian Teodorovici (Unfold Motion), Cătălin Ursu (National Theatre Timişoara).

“If music be the blood of love” is a project close to my heart, thanks to its concept. This seemingly simple party turned out to be a way for each of us to let our guard down. From the choosing of songs, for me it was a guilty pleasure, to the way we chose to dance, it makes everything personal and the public can imagine themselves in the situation, to party along with us. For that matter, I love the public’s reaction at the end, which dove in on the dance floor with us, with strong eagerness. The discussion after the performance raised some questions which had very pertinent answers referring to the liberty you have to party, on how you're perceived, approached, subdued to the society rules while partying. The way you are constrained to love.” said Olga Diana Török

But who is this person behind the show? When you hear Răzvan Mazilu you are thinking of some of the greatest performers of our time. At only 21 years old stages his first play, fully under his name, The lady of the Camelias by Alexander Dumas the son. During the same year, he is invited to be a choreographer for Oedipe directed by Andrei Șerban. One year later, Bernadette Chirac awards him with the Prize for Interpretation of the National Opera House of Paris. And his career never stopped. He has long and prosperous collaborations with the theater and opera world in Romania and outside of it. He became popular among many choreographers, theater and opera directors, impressing us today with every chance he gets. He has always been close to the LGBTQI+ community both through his works and in his support for young talent.

This event was organized with the support of the Timisoara2021 Association, Identity.Education being a partner of Timisoara 2021 as part of the cultural programme trail “Fluid Views” from the bidbook for Timisoara European Capital of Culture. Themes like feminism and queer culture are still considered a controversy in our society, but this programme wants to provide safe spaces for feminists and LGBTQI+ people to express themselves. It wants to bring to surface an educational perspective on these themes.

“If music be the blood of love” is a contemporary dance performance that surprises through its natural flow. Gentle and spontaneous, like spring rain, it leaves you with the feeling that it is easy, natural and beautiful to love whoever you might love.” (SO)