Q.Talks Love

“If Music Be the Blood of Love” is a performance by Răzvan Mazilu, accompanied by a mix by Armies and visuals by flo’.
The reason is simple: a party. Good music, a couple of friends are meeting. There is dancing. There is storytelling. There is love. Music and dance as statements of love. Affection.

"If music be the blood of love" by Răzvan Mazilu, assisted by Lavinia Urcan.
Performers: Răzvan Mazilu, Lavinia Urcan (Unfold Motion), Oana Vidoni (German Theatre Timişoara, Unfold Motion), Olga Diana Török (German Theatre Timişoara), Sebastian Teodorovici (Unfold Motion), Cătălin Ursu (National Theatre Timişoara).

Identity.Education provides the space and the context for meeting and communication via a series of regular events. The format of the events is a cultural or artistic performance followed by a moderated discussion on a previously agreed subject from the queer culture. Q.Talks facilitates easy interaction between the LGBTQ+ members within the community and members of other communities and encourages their participation to the social and cultural life of the city through organizing events on different aspects of queer culture.

The event is organized with the support of Timisoara 2021. Identity.Education is a partner of Timisoara 2021 in creating and producing projects and events as part of the cultural programme trail „Fluid Views” (Breaking through clogged mentalities with the power of culture).