Q.Talks: coming out

We all have our stories coming out, about friendship and community, about pain and resilience, about acceptance and love. Each story is unique, and they all bring us together, closer to each other, regardless if and when we made our coming out and what that means to us, whether we are part of the LGBTQI + community or not. These stories make us vulnerable and strong at the same time. Not all of us are out, not all of us want this, some of us are out in some groups and not in others, and some of us are still looking for the language, shape and context to come out to those close to them.

“Coming out to others is a personal decision. Sometimes such affirmations add extra pressure on us, because not all of us want to come out, not all of us can do that, but all of us are just as courageous and strong even when we do not come out to everybody/others. And coming out is not just a one time thing, it is a whole process, which, depending on context, can be very painful sometimes. And other times it just comes naturally and we don’t even need such affirmations”. (Deea Rădulescu, Identity.Education volunteers)

We are grateful and happy that friends from the community chose to talk to us about their coming out. The talk is in Romanian and can be watches HERE.

This was about storytelling but also about storylistening. We got the chance to explore the things that bring us together in our diversity, through empathy and courage.

Cristina talked about life during Article 200 (an article which criminalized homosexual relationships) and about her family, in the context of the current situation in Romania where there is (still) no protection or recognition for same sex couples.

Alex talked about life as an out gay man in Timişoara.

Debora talked about her coming out to her religious family.