Poveștile nespuse ale comunității

“The wish and need to find a community, to connect with people like us, has always been here, and as LGBTQ+ people we have always searched for and even created meeting places where we could tell our stories safely, and feel less lonely.” (Deea Rădulescu)

With Identity.Education we created a documentary short that talks about LGBTQI+ places in Timişoara, from past til present. The documentary offers an unique view into the lives of LGBTQI+ people and shows the places that were invisible until now. It is important to know our own history and to bring to light the untold stories of the community. Nobody should live in the shadows.

The project is part of the Timisoara European Capital of Culture programme, produced by Identity.Education and financed by the City Hall of Timişoara.

Graphic design Alex Petrican.