The movie "Negreșită" is a show that was adapted to the pandemic conditions and became a queer hybrid.

The movie, with English subtitles, was open to viewing on the 13th and 14th of November on Youtube and was followed by a discussion between members of the Negreşită team and Identity.Education.

In a heteronormative world, how is the queer body seen?

"Negreșită" is a political-emotional, lyrical and intimate map of becoming queer, combining personal narratives with critiques of social structures and how they affect LGBTQI + people. "Negreșită" opens the wider discussion of privilege, power, discipline and emancipation, in a society where the legitimacy of queer people is questioned at a national and institutional level, through homophobic referendums and transphobic bills.

"Negreșită" is a space for self-representation, solidarity, care and queer community healing.

"Negreșită" is more than the desire to present a queer history, it represents the need to talk about the history, in all its details and its intimacies and manages to launch the discussion about power and privilege, about discipline and empowerment.

Created with/by: Mădălina Brîndșe, Alex Horghidan, Bogdan Balla, Alina Medoia, Carolina Vozian, Maria Sgârcitu, Ioana Chițu, Paula Duncă, Mișa Dumitriu, Ruxandra Miruna, Vlad Gligor, Anda Pleniceanu.

The event was possible with the support provided by the Global Resilience Fund through a funding from Purposeful. This is a partnership that has emerged in support of activist girls and women during the current crisis.