Movie night Lemebel

In august in Bucharest One World Romania hosted another edition of their International Human Rights and Documentary Festival. In partnership with them, we’re hosting in Timisoara an open air movie night at Faber, on the 16th of September.

We will get the chance to watch the documentary “Lemebel”
Synopsis: In Chile, during the dictatorial regime of Pinochet, who, beginning with 1973, ruled the country for almost twenty years, a gay activist performer pushed the boundaries of the system to such an extent that his entire life became living proof that art can indeed be a powerful weapon against totalitarianism. The performer is Pedro Lemebel and he his one of the most important activists for LGBTQ+ rights and a widely acclaimed writer and essayist, whose autobiographical works have always sparked debates and protests alike. Lemebel’s close friend, director Joana Reposi, compiles archival footage, TV excerpts, photographs and interviews, creating a riveting and at the same time revolting portrait, where the protagonist’s passion and perseverance light his journey through the oppressive Chilean regime.


The movie has Romanian subtitles.

“During the festival, we will bring attention not only to discriminations of every kind, but also to all of us, to our attitude towards the Other, to how easily we can fall back on stereotypes, even when they are positive, in an attempt to better define our own identity.
With this year’s edition, we want to embrace an atmosphere of celebrating diversity, aware, however, of the realities in which entire social categories find themselves, subdued at the outskirts of society. In short, we invite you to participate in a range of activities and events which, if you accept, (we hope) will bring you closer to Otherness and lead to love and admiration, two of the most exquisite human emotions. “ by Andrei Rus & the OWR team