LGBTQ+ History Month

For the LGBTQ+ community of Romania October represents more than the 10th month in the calendar, it represents the triumph of tolerance over bigotry, as it is marked by the failure of the 2018 referendum.

As this month is of importance for the community, it was declared the LGBTQ+ History Month in Romania and it encompasses a series of events that promote culture, activism and history. Identity.Education invites you in the week of 22nd – 26th of October to different events together with the local community:

*22nd of October, 19:00: theater play "Randul 3, aproape de margine" by Reactor Cluj. (It will be played in Romanian only.)

*24th of October, 18:30: A historical city tour with queer stories about places and people. (We will translate for those who need Romanian to English translations.)

*25th of October, 18:30: Queer History Museum expo and talk with Florin Buhuceanu (Accept Romania). Throughout time the LGBTQ community in Romania has been disclocated from history and pushed into hidden places within society. This events answers to the need to know who we are today, and also how we got here, in a country like Romania where, historically, all minorities were made invisible. (We will translate for those who need Romanian to English translations.)

Identity.Education is a partner of The Timișoara 2021 Association and curator of the Fluid Views Trail, part of the 2021 bidbook.
The events are organized with support from The Embassy of Canada and MozaiQ.
This project is carried out in partnership with Timisoara 2021 - European Capital of Culture Association, with financial support of the Timisoara City Hall, through the priority cultural program ”Timisoara. European Capital of Culture 2021”, part of the cultural program TM2021 in 2019.