Glitter Party

The most successful party yet is definitely this Glitter Party on the 8th of February 2020. We had over 250 people who partied with us until early morning. The music was ensured by DJ Larisa Todoş, an amasing playlist full of hits to everyone’s liking. This Glitter Party was a huge success, which, to be honest, was unexpected even for us. The volunteers who worked at ticketing could barely manage all the people arriving at the party, many of who said they knew there was a cool party happening in saccade, our host. It was a really good evening for our organisation, and we promised everyone that these kind of parties will take place every 2 months.

„Glitter Party was an event where I felt free, and if you wanna see all the colors of the rainbow, this kind of a party is the perfect solution. Very good music, chill atmosphere and a diverse set of people open and welcoming made the night memorable.” (VP)