Expoziție de artă documentară

For the LGBTQ + community in Romania, October represents more than the 10th month in the calendar in the calendar - it represents the triumph of tolerance over bigotry, marked by the failure of the 2018 referendum and we also celebrate the stories of the community through Coming Out Day.

Given the special significance of this month, it has been declared the LGBTQI + History Month in Romania and includes a series of events that promote culture, activism and community history. As a result, Identity.Education hosted during the week of 24th - 31st of October, a series of events.

This exhibition features a lot of information about the community that you may not have heard of before - from several infographics in Europe with the legislative framework for recognizing human rights for LGBTQI + people, others with the legislative framework for recognizing sexual orientation and to a map of Timisoara seen through the eyes of members of the LGBTQI + community. You will be able to see stories of queer womxn from Romania through Daniela Groza's project "Queer Romanian Women" and of drag queen shows through Virginia Lupu's project.

In order to comply with the Covid-19 safety measures, we ask everyone who wants to participate to the exhibition to make a reservation in advance. Wearing a mask and keeping a distance of at least 1.5m from other people is mandatory.

The exhibition has been digitalized – you can visit it online on the below link. Enjoy!