Conference: Inclusive communication

One of the biggest needs and challenges of the LGBTQI + community is access to medical services (especially for transgender people who want to start their transition). It is not easy for an LGBTQI + person to find a doctor who is open to the community and who, above all, has worked with the community before. While building a database with local specialists, we consider it important that students, who are now preparing to become doctors, become allies and together we can bring a change to the national healthcare system. Whether we are talking about a family doctor, gynecologist, urologist, cardiologist or oncologist, it is important to make sure that the patient feels at ease and safe, especially when it comes to talking about our medical history or doing other specific investigations.

Together with SSMT (Society of Medical Students of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Victor Babes) in Timișoara and with the support of ACCEPT, we organized a conference with the theme "Inclusive communication: doctor- LGBTQI+ patient relationship" just to take the first steps towards a system change for the better. Communication and open dialogue with the patient are the most important tools of the physician, and they should never suffer from prejudice, discrimination or lack of information. From the right attitude, targeted questions and to specific investigations, LGBTQI + people need the understanding, empathy and respect of doctors more than ever.

The conference was mainly addressed to medical students from years 1 - 3 and residents, and due to the large number of students, it was held in two parts, with a participation of over 60 people.

The speakers were:
Dr. Oana Ancușa - MD internal medicine, assistant professor - Medical Semiology I, UMFT, who talked to us about the importance of empathy and the openness of the doctor towards the patient, especially when it comes to medical history.
Dr. Ghizela Kanalas - MD in pediatric psychiatry, who emphasized the importance creating a safe and welcoming space for the patient, so that they can talk openly about sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity, regardless of age.
Dr. Răzvan Bardan – urology specialist.
Patrick Brăila - activist for the rights of trans people, film director and co-president of ACCEPT, who talked to us about the transition of trans people and the medical and legal challenges that the community has to face in Romania.
Ștefana Tofan - Clinical psychologist, psychological counselor, experiential psychotherapist focused on adult-couple-family-child and psycho-sexologist.