Community brunch

We all love a good community brunch, right? And I bet that you have heard of our delicious brunches, like the one on Christmas. If not, you are in the right place because nothing can stop us when it comes to them, not even this year’s events, because we had the internet on our side. On April 11th, Identity.Education together with the cook Noemi Hugel held an online brunch for the LGBTQ+ community and friends and allies.

If the context would have been different, this would have been our Easter community brunch together. So we all gathered in our own kitchens and although some of us were not so talented or we did not have culinary experience, we managed to follow Noemi’s instructions in preparing a fancy breakfast. Yes, we even went big, we had a fancy one. We learned how to make Romanian Chimichurri with eggs as a main dish and Croissant Pain Perdu as a dessert. It may sound difficult, but Noemi made it all so simple for us to follow and nobody burned anything. But what is a brunch, without something to drink. We had a Sparkly Morning Cocktail which refreshed us and made us forget that we were not all together in one place.

If you missed our brunch, but it made you curios, below you can find the ingredients for these recipes. Enjoy!

Pink Eggs with Romanian Chimichurri and Homemade Pita (serves 1):
2 eggs, 1 beet, Greens (parsley, dill, wild garlic, any kind of grass, green onion, green garlic), Olive oil, Vinegar / lemon, Salt and pepper, 1 cup of yogurt, 1 cup of flour, 1 baking powder

Croissant Pain Perdu:
1 croissant, 1 egg, 1 cup milk, Vanilla, Sugar, Optional, any of the following: frozen berries, bananas, chocolate

Sparkling Morning Cocktail:
50ml gin, 200ml tonic water, 1 slice grapefruit, 1 slice lime, 1 slice lemon, 1 rosemary twig

Necessary utensils:
1 stove, 1 oven/microwave, 1 pot (small), 1 tablespoon, 1 knife, 1 cutting board, 1 bowl, 1 pan, 1 ramenkin/small heat-resistant vessel (1 cup)