Community Brunch Online

Autumn is here (for quite some time now). And since not everyone is a fan of cold and rain, we thought of doing a Community brunch where we will heat our kitchen together (from the stove’s fire) and ourselves on the inside from the good food that we will prepare with Noemi (and not just from the cocktail’s alcohol). So, on Sunday 25th of October we hosted another one of our online brunches.

With Noemi's guidance we made the prettiest breakfast bowl with six-minute egg, sausages and green onion sauce (and many more) because who wouldn't want a nice breakfast when it's cloudy outside. And then we will sweeten ourselves with a tapioca pudding with coconut milk, lime and mango coulis, a perfect reminder for our #freshoutofhtecloset candle.

Of course, we also had options for vegetarians and vegans in the list of ingredients and Noemi answered all our questions.

- - - -

The event is part of the LGBTQI+ History Month cultural festival, celebrated annually in October.

The Community Brunch is part of the # TOGETHER # EGYÜTT #TOGETHER #KHETANES project, funded by The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation. The project aims to support initiative groups in finding alternative methods of activating and promoting the LGBT communities.