Cocktail daytime party

We all know this year has not been the one we wanted. So many things happened in the world that affected all of us, some of us more than others. Therefore, with Identity.Education, we tried to stay close to the community, even during these times. Besides the food campaign, we also wanted to do something to bring the community together and relax for a couple of hours on a Sunday.

With this in mind, we organized an online party, a cocktail daytime party. Yes, you have read it correctly, a cocktail party. How did it go? In our opinion, it was fun! We gathered in a Zoom “room” on 5th of April, listened to Larisa Todos’s amazing playlist and we made cocktails, our own cocktails. Each one of us tried to recreate a favourite cocktail and this was not all. We talked a bit. We danced and laughed a lot. We tried to be creative and came up with our own drinks and even ended up having a hat contest (someone had the most, someone had the interesting ones). All in all, it was fun and we got to see other people after a long time. It was a great time to meet with the LGBTQI+ people, and not only, with whom months earlier, we danced together in a crowded bar.

“I really needed this gathering. After spending so much time without seeing other people, I started to miss the interaction. This event was really fun and it shows that if you want to stay close to the community, you can even do it online” (I.R).