Christmas Brunch

The winter holidays are awaited by the whole world. And what better way to start the holiday season rather than together with the community and more than that, together with us at a new brunch offered by Identity.Education and Noemi?

Some people already know about our Christmas brunch from last year, when we met face to face and Noemi showed us how to make cookies and we had a real traditional feast. This year, although it was not possible to see each other in the same place, we met online on December 19th, and the participants were able to vote on what goodies we were going to prepare.

The big winners of this brunch were the small hazelnut biscuits, the fried coconut brownie and the chocolate pudding. We also received options for vegans and our chef guided us throughout the preparations. In the end, we also had a QA for Noemi where we asked questions about cooking and where each of the participants chose an ingredient they had at home, and Noemi gave us recipe ideas for that ingredient. It was an extraordinary start for the Christmas holidays and if we made you curious, we are waiting for you at our next brunch.