Ce mai fac comunitățile LGBT

The LGBTQI+ community is diverse and it is present in every corner of the world. This is also true for our country and not even the quarantine could keep us apart from each other. Represented by Deea Radulescu, we participated in an online talk with other organizations and informal groups from Romania. On 30th of April, MozaiQ continued their serios of discussions #MozaiQuarantine, where we met and talked about the difficulties the LGBTQI+ community faces because of the actual coronavirus crisis together with PRIDE Romania from Cluj, Hlgbtq United from Brasov and Q Society from Iasi.

We saw which are the realities and the actual financial problems that many LGBTQI+ people have to face right now. We saw how each organization had to slow done or postpone their activities slowed and how they reacted during this crisis and responded to the needs of the community. We did not want to leave the discussion without some solutions and further steps that should be taken into account and how we can help each other.

These discussions are necessary to keep us united in times like these and to make us find creative ideas to help community members. No matter what is happening in the world, we will always be here for each other and we will always be present and show up for the community.