About us

In June 2019, we organized, for the first time in Timişoara, PRIDE TM events: an art expo, a conference on human rights and civil partnership, an info-bio show on the life and transition of trans people, a storytelling evening and a musical performance.

In October 2019, to celebrate the National LGBTQI+ History Month, we organized 3 cultural and artistic events in partnership with the Canadian Embassy and Timisoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture.

We have received a request for support from the Medical Students Association in their relationship with patients. As a response, to support medical specialists in their work, we organized in November 2019, with support from Accept Association, a conference on inclusive LGBTQI+ patient – doctor communication for medical students and residents, to raise awareness on the challenges the LGBTQI+ community faces when it comes to accessing basic medical care.

2020 brought on a series of changes to Identity.Education.

Our team grew; the volunteers are the creative and logistical force behind all the events hosted this year. The events which we organized online are: movie nights and video-performances, awareness campaign on coming out, documentary art expo (digitalized for online viewing), conferences and Q.Talks (online discussions on different topics such as coming out and drag queens in Romania), a documentary short film about the LGBTQI+ places in Timişoara, a guide for non-LGBTQI+ people who would like to become allies of the community.

Even though we do not have experience in social work, we wanted to be there for the members of the community who faced financial problems due to the pandemic. This year we have a donations campaign for community members from Timiş and Arad, for whom we buy 2 weeks’ worth of groceries.

We are grateful and happy to be the curators of an important chapter from the bidbook of Timişoara as a European Capital of Culture in 2023. In the same context, together with a local partner, we designed a guided tour of Timişoara which talks about its history and LGBTQI+ places and stories in Timişoara.

In the next couple of years, our projects will address a couple of strategic and important areas for the community: awareness and education on a local level about the need of physical and online safe spaces for young LGBTQI+ people, a project implemented together with youth and student NGOs from Timişoara and financed by EEA Norway Grants, partnering with Accept in a project aimed to raise awareness and improve the life of people who are HIV positive, and partnering with MozaiQ in a project to create communities for LGBTQI+ students in the campus.

We are also part of the Advisory Board of a research project on LGBTQI+ lives, a project conducted by the West University of Timişoara.